Research topics

Our research is focused on evolving systems.

Within this topic, we aim at developing two sets of tools both in design and analysis.

The first set of tools concerns the design of adaptive systems which are able to change their behaviour in response to a change in environment. This set contains techniques which allow to :

  • design software architecture for embedded, distributed and mobile system,
  • endow a system with capacities for autonomous communication and reasoning,
  • adapt the control software of the system during its execution
  • control an evolving system during all its life cycle.

The second set of tools consists of methods and tools dedicated to analysis of existing evolving systems with the goal of improving their performance. To the end, we need to :

  • analyse the system and model its various aspects of its behaviour,
  • simulate the system in order to gain a better understanding of its internal and external dynamics and to derive control strategies,
  • predict temporal evolutions of the system,
  • detect possible drifts and faults.

The research activities are organised around to following three topics :

  • Design of components for distributed and embedded systems,
  • Modelling and monitoring of evolving systems,
  • Agents, Learning and Adaptation.