Equipment and demos

L’URIA  has 2500 m2 of workshops, labs, classrooms, all of them were renovated in 2006.

The equipments include :

  •  PC, MAC and Tablets (IOS, Android, Windows), Workstations and the related software,
  • Industrial automation and supervision software
  • Experimental setups related to ambient intelligence (mobile robots, intelligent sensors, machine vision systems,  wireless communication equipments…),
  • Experimental setups related to energy  (heat exchangers, fuel cells, intelligent building, data acquisition systems for power electronics…)
  • High performance computing server 600 cores, 9 TFlops and 20 To of storage,
  • WifiBot: 4 small wheeled robots with on-board IP camera
  • Nao: a humanoid robo
  • Robulab10: A two medium size wheeled robots