Name : LUJAK
First name : Marin
Position : Associated Professor
Personal page :

Short biography

• Dipl. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering with the specialization in Automation and Robotics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 2006.
• Master of Arts in Enterprise Engineering from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy in 2007.
• PhD degree in Management Engineering under the mentorship of Prof. Stefano Giordani at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy in 2010.
• Post-doc in the Artificial Intelligence Group lead by Prof. Sascha Ossowski at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain, 2011-2016.

Research interests

My scientific work relates to Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research coordination and optimization approaches for distributed systems. These are software systems in which components located on networked computers coordinate their actions by passing messages without any access to a shared memory. They are the prevailing software architecture on the Internet and are a means to sustainable development and scalability in large complex systems.

In more detail, my research interests are related with Computational Optimization, Multi-Agent Systems Coordination, and Planning and Scheduling in Distributed Systems with applications in real industrial and business environments. In specific, at present, I am working on scalable and robust exact and meta-heuristic distributed mechanisms and methods for multi-agent coordination that result in the solution´s graceful degradation when diminishing of the exchanged information quantity and/or quality occurs. My research application is in resolving societal challenges concerning Smart, Green and Integrated Transport, Ambient Intelligence, Energy Networks and Factories of the Future (FoF).

With experience in coordinating project proposal preparations for national and EU Calls, I am also interested in collaboration with industry and other R&D centers especially around the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges related with ICT, Transport, FoF, and Energy.


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