Name : Fabresse
First name : Luc
Position : Maître-Assistant
Phone : 33 (0)3 27 71 23 58
Personal page :

Research interests

I am interested and/or involved in different topics:

  • Modularity and reusability (objects, components, modules, aspects, …)
  • New programming language abstractions and mechanisms (DSL, …)
  • Dynamic languages, reflexivity (Pharo project)
  • Execution environments, infrastructure (virtual machines, memory management, deployment, …)
  • Tools (remote debugger, automatic code deployer, …)

My researches generally targets the developement of distributed and constrained software. One of our priviligied application domain in the CAR theme is the construction of multi-robots sofware that allow them to communicate and coordinate to achieve some tasks such as exploration.

Professional activities
  • Conference Organisation: CAR’10ESUG (each year since 2010)
  • Scientific Collaborations: RMoD Team (INRIA Lille, France), MAREL Team (Lirmm, France), ISOE Team (LGI2P – Mines Alès, France)


I give several lectures (as well as labs) such as:

  • Algorithmics & C Language (28h*)
  • Internet Technologies (31,5h*)
  • UML (16h*)
  • Web Programming (24h*)
  • Mobile programming using HTML 5 and Javascript (20h*)
  • Student Projects supervising: Projets Découverte Recherche (80h for students), Projet Scientifique et Technique (120h for students)
  • Internship defense

* on-site hours

Administrative activities

Elected Member of the Informatics and Control Departement Council